Announcing BOGO!

At the inaugural On the Spot happy hour, we announced a year-round collection drive called BOGO (Buy One, Give One). For more info, check out the Donate page.

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Cookies and Pads!

Last night was the inaugural On the Spot happy hour at the Over the Bar Cafe. The event was more fun and successful that we could have ever imagined.

Thanks to all of your generous donations, we raised over $600 and collected over 30 packages of supplies!

We were even fortunate enough to send everyone home with bags of cookies.

A special thanks to DJ Mary Mack for rocking out with fun music all night and Kellee Maize for putting on a great performance.

We’re also very grateful for everyone who donated a prize for the raffle: Beth Martin, Randy Francisco, Amy Garbella, Kellee Maize, and State Representative Chelsa Wagner!

And of course thanks to all of you for donating and partying it up with us!

Stay tuned for more info on BOGO sites and the next On the Spot happy hour!