Weekly Specials: March 22nd-26th!

Here are your weekly deals so you can get yourself and some needy girls some supplies:

CVS: 2 for $5 CVS brand tampons, 2 for $4 CVS brand sanitary pads

Giant Eagle: Kotex Maxi-Pads, 2 for $5

Target: Tampax Pearl Tampons and Always Ultra-thin Maxi Pads $6.99 each.

Walgreens: Kotex tampons and sanitary pads for $2.99


Weekly Shopping Specials!

Weekly Specials for your Shopping Convenience!
We checked out some local circulars for their advertised specials on supplies!  If you see any good sales, help us out and post them on our facebook fan page
Ø      Rite aid has Stayfree pads and Care free pantyliners buy one get one 50% off
Ø      Target has Playtex tampons for $6 a box
Ø      CVS has Playtex tampons for $4.99 a box, Kotex small packs 2/$6
Ø      Giant Eagle has Kotex big bags 2/$10
Ø      Walgreens has a variety of products for $3.99 a box (w a circular coupon online here )
Drop off your donations to any of our convenient drop off spots.