So far you lovely lot have donated over 1700 pads to On the Spot!

The result?

Seven local schools received supplies donated to On The Spot to ensure that girls don’t have to skip school, or worry about how they are going to get menstrual supplies every month.  The donations were made to schools that already had a demonstrated need for the supplies and included:

  • Manchester Middle School
  • Langley High School
  • Pittsburgh CAPA
  • Sto-Rox Middle School
  • Sto-Rox High School
  • Wilkinsburg Junior High
  • Wilkinsburg High

Your donations also were distributed to three other amazing local organizations helping young women, Gwen’s Girls, Hosanna House, and Women’s Center and Shelter.

Your generous response of both donated supplies and funds for On The Spot, has allowed us to do even more to help young women and even include the boys.  Planned Parenthood put together and distributed nearly 200 personal care bags for boys and girls.  The bags included:

  • For boys: 1 deodorant, 1 lotion, 1 toothpaste
  • For girls: 5 pads, 1 deodorant, 1 lotion, 1 toothpaste

These bags have been distributed to Women’s Center and Shelter, and Manchester Middle School, Hosanna House, and Gwen’s Girls.


Summer programming and homeless shelters are still in need of these donations so don’t think just because school’s out, our work is on hold!

How to help:

Along with the usual ways of helping we are always looking for volunteers and…

We are in need of helping hands to orchestrate the Back to School Fundraiser.  Volunteers eager to get involved in organizing the event, from donations to baked goods, should email us ASAP.  This event will be the first annual Back to School Fundraiser, so let’s start it off with a bang and provide many disadvantaged girls with greatly needed menstrual products!!!

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