The need is real

You’ve heard about our next event.  You were moved by our mission when you first heard about it.  But let me remind you of why we need you to come to Hough’s on May 24th.

We first heard about the need for menstrual products and supplies over a year ago. Since that time, thanks to you generous and good hearted people, we have distributed almost 8,000 pads, panty liners and tampons and over 200 hygiene packs to 40 schools and 29 organizations serving girls and their families.   This morning I recorded a segment on KQV about On the Spot and heard first hand from Sue Steele about the response to your generosity.

During the interview, Sue mentioned that some of the students are staying with various relatives and are in fact transient.  Transient.  Children.  My heart aches at that thought.  There are children living in our region who don’t have homes. Who don’t know where they are staying from week to week, night to night. School is often the one consistent place in their life. These are some of the kids that are benefiting from On the Spot. And the need is great. Within weeks of distributing boxes of supplies to schools OTS postcards requesting resupply started coming back.   There are a few assembled boxes left, but the supplies are dwindling and the need continues.

Most of these boxes are empty, waiting for fresh supplies.

That is why we need you to come to Hough’s on May 24th.  It isn’t about the beer (though their selection is spectacular). It isn’t about the cookies (COOKIES!). It isn’t about the great stuff you can win.

It’s about kids struggling with problems way to big for their age and how you can make a difference in their life.


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