What Happens When you Donate

So just where do all of the pads and tampons and cash money that you donate to On the Spot go? To all of these schools and other organizations that provide services to young girls in our region:


  • Sto-Rox MS
  • Sto-Rox HS
  • Wilkinsburg HS/MS
  • Westinghouse
  • Faison K-8 Intermediate
  • Sterrett MS
  • CAPA HS and MS
  • Pittsburgh Conroy MS/HS
  • Lincoln K-8 Intermediate
  • Manchester MS
  • Langley
  • Oliver HS
  • Schaeffer K-8
  • Stevens MS
  • King MS
  • Peabody HS
  • Allderdice HS
  • Allegheny MS
  • Arsenal MS
  • Brashear
  • South Hills MS
  • Carrick
  • Classical Academy
  • Brookline MS
  • Carmalt K-8
  • South Brooke K-8
  • Colfax K-8
  • Greenfield K-8
  • Milliones/UPREP Hill District
  • Montessori K-8
  • Murray K-8
  • Pioneer Special Ed.
  • Science and Technology
  • Sunnyside MS
  • Perry HS
  • McNaugher MS/HS
  • Northview K-8
  • Mifflin K-8
  • Schiller K-8
  • Westwood K-8

Other schools/organizations

  • MACS
  • Arbor
  • City Connections East
  • City Connections West
  • City Connections CCAC
  • Gwen’s Girls Point Breeze
  • Gwen’s Girls-McKeesport
  • Gwen’s Girls-North Side Residential Program
  • Mon Valley Bridge
  • Women’s Center and Shelter
  • Beverly Jewel
  • Youth Places (All 17 sites)

I counted (so you don’t have to). That’s 68 different places that  now have supplies in place for girls who are in need of menstrual supplies!

Let’s all say it together: SQUEEEEE!

BUT… 68 is a lot. That’s why we need you to come out to Hough’s on May 24th and donate more supplies so that we can keep all of these places stocked up!


2 Responses

  1. […] I hope that you will join us on Tuesday for our next fundraiser.  We are out of funds (see the exciting reason why) and really need to resupply (we already have schools asking for resupply and new schools […]

  2. […] That’s why we started on the spot. We raise money and collect supplies so girls in local middle and high schools don’t have to  worry. (you can find out more, including how we’ve grown and expanded here.) […]

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