The Third Time Was Charming!

We had another great fundraiser last night; we raised over $700 and collected lots of pads and tampons! Thank you to everyone who came out to continue supporting the young girls who receive menstrual supplies, and other hygiene products at 68 different schools and centers throughout Allegheny County!!

We are very grateful for your continued support for this project and your dedication to continue to help the young girls in our region focus on their education instead of worrying about whether or not they’ll have a pad or tampon to use.

Congratulations to the silent auction winners! And a big thank you again to: Erin Morey-Busch, Rachel Filippini, Penny Fleming and Boyd England, GoddessWare, Commonwealth Press, The Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory, East End Brewing Company, Tupelo Honey Teas and Capture Production Studios for donating the prizes.

As usual, we gorged ourselves on cookies, cupcakes and baklava:

We hope you all enjoyed the fun, and the amazing beer selections and specials from Hough’s, our wonderful hosts!

Don’t forget! You don’t have to come to an event to donate! Information on how to donate supplies or money is available here!


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