Take Action with Social Media!

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you know how terrible and invisible of a problem access to pads and tampons is in our country and around the globe. Do your friends know? How about your family? Help us bring light to the issue and support #PghOnTheSpot by donating your Facebook and/or Twitter status to our Thunderclap campaign on February 11th!

Right now, you’re probably wondering: What is Thunderclap? Thunderclap is a website that allows groups of people to pledge a tweet or Facebook message to automatically be sent out on the same day and time in order to achieve maximum effect. Think of it as an online flash mob in support of On the Spot and our mission. If at least 100 people sign up, a status promoting raising awareness and our next pad drive (2/12, 6-8p, at Hough’s!) will go out from all accounts at 12:30p EST on February 11th.

Sign up now with your Twitter and/or Facebook account and encourage others to join at http://ow.ly/Ia5aJ 

Let’s build a supportive and healthy community for young women together!

Ps. Have you RSVPd for the happy hour on 2/12?


Share the Valentine’s Day love with On the Spot!

Looking to gorge yourself on cookies and other baked treats  while donating menstrual supplies to girls in need around the Pittsburgh region? You’re in luck, On the Spot will be hosting another party to gather donations to supply girls with the menstrual supplies they need. Show some Valentine’s Day love to young girls by supporting their well being!

When: Thursday, February 12th, 6pm – 8pm

Where: Hough’s in Greenfield (563 Greenfield Avenue)

Costs: $10 or $5 and a package of pads or tampons (pads preferred)

All the stuff you love will be back: raffle prizes, a 50/50, and of course, multiple cookie tables!

We supply sixty eight schools with supplies. SIXTY EIGHT. There are dozens (if not many more) of young girls in each school missing school and falling behind simply because they are a woman and have their period.

That is why we need you to come to Hough’s on February 12th.  It isn’t about the beer (though their selection is spectacular). It isn’t about the cookies (COOKIES!). It isn’t about the great stuff you can win. It’s about kids struggling with problems way to big for their age and how you can make a difference in their life.

We hope to see your smiling face and big heart as we help those in need!