Celebrating Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month and we’ve been busy here at On the Spot partnering up with other organizations to help make sure the girls and women of Allegheny County have access to menstrual products!

We’re working with Chatham’s Feminist Activists Creating Equality (F.A.C.E.), an amazing student group dedicated to social justice. They will be collecting menstrual supplies on Chatham’s campus the week of March 26th-30th! Stop by Chatham’s Eddy Theatre (104 Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, PA) at 7 p.m. on March 31st for the Vagina Monologues to watch their great production and donate menstrual supplies. They will also be collecting monetary donations for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

We will also be working with the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project to collect supplies and tote bags  in March. Donate a tote bag of menstrual supplies at any of these drop off spots.

Help us celebrate Women’s History by donating menstrual supplies to Allegheny County’s women and girls!


Let’s get ready to party!

We know you’ve been hoarding extra packages of pads and tampons, anxiously awaiting the next On the Spot party.

We’ll guess what? We’re ready to party with you again!

November 11th, 6-8:30pm at Howlers (4509 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield)

We’re currently hard at work rounding up some awesome raffle prizes for an all-local auction and deciding what kind of lovely baked goods to produce for the cookie table! Yes, there will be baklava. There will be boozed up cupcakes. There may even be boozy whoopie pies.

As always, it’ll cost you $5 and a package of menstrual supplies or $10 to gain access to gorge yourself at the cookie table. We’ll also hassle you throughout the night to buy your 50/50 raffle tickets and raffle tickets.

If you have anything you’d like to donate to the auction or cookie table, send us an email at pghonthespot@gmail.com!

The Third Time Was Charming!

We had another great fundraiser last night; we raised over $700 and collected lots of pads and tampons! Thank you to everyone who came out to continue supporting the young girls who receive menstrual supplies, and other hygiene products at 68 different schools and centers throughout Allegheny County!!

We are very grateful for your continued support for this project and your dedication to continue to help the young girls in our region focus on their education instead of worrying about whether or not they’ll have a pad or tampon to use.

Congratulations to the silent auction winners! And a big thank you again to: Erin Morey-Busch, Rachel Filippini, Penny Fleming and Boyd England, GoddessWare, Commonwealth Press, The Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory, East End Brewing Company, Tupelo Honey Teas and Capture Production Studios for donating the prizes.

As usual, we gorged ourselves on cookies, cupcakes and baklava:

We hope you all enjoyed the fun, and the amazing beer selections and specials from Hough’s, our wonderful hosts!

Don’t forget! You don’t have to come to an event to donate! Information on how to donate supplies or money is available here!

What Happens When you Donate

So just where do all of the pads and tampons and cash money that you donate to On the Spot go? To all of these schools and other organizations that provide services to young girls in our region:


  • Sto-Rox MS
  • Sto-Rox HS
  • Wilkinsburg HS/MS
  • Westinghouse
  • Faison K-8 Intermediate
  • Sterrett MS
  • CAPA HS and MS
  • Pittsburgh Conroy MS/HS
  • Lincoln K-8 Intermediate
  • Manchester MS
  • Langley
  • Oliver HS
  • Schaeffer K-8
  • Stevens MS
  • King MS
  • Peabody HS
  • Allderdice HS
  • Allegheny MS
  • Arsenal MS
  • Brashear
  • South Hills MS
  • Carrick
  • Classical Academy
  • Brookline MS
  • Carmalt K-8
  • South Brooke K-8
  • Colfax K-8
  • Greenfield K-8
  • Milliones/UPREP Hill District
  • Montessori K-8
  • Murray K-8
  • Pioneer Special Ed.
  • Science and Technology
  • Sunnyside MS
  • Perry HS
  • McNaugher MS/HS
  • Northview K-8
  • Mifflin K-8
  • Schiller K-8
  • Westwood K-8

Other schools/organizations

  • MACS
  • Arbor
  • City Connections East
  • City Connections West
  • City Connections CCAC
  • Gwen’s Girls Point Breeze
  • Gwen’s Girls-McKeesport
  • Gwen’s Girls-North Side Residential Program
  • Mon Valley Bridge
  • Women’s Center and Shelter
  • Beverly Jewel
  • Youth Places (All 17 sites)

I counted (so you don’t have to). That’s 68 different places that  now have supplies in place for girls who are in need of menstrual supplies!

Let’s all say it together: SQUEEEEE!

BUT… 68 is a lot. That’s why we need you to come out to Hough’s on May 24th and donate more supplies so that we can keep all of these places stocked up!

The need is real

You’ve heard about our next event.  You were moved by our mission when you first heard about it.  But let me remind you of why we need you to come to Hough’s on May 24th.

We first heard about the need for menstrual products and supplies over a year ago. Since that time, thanks to you generous and good hearted people, we have distributed almost 8,000 pads, panty liners and tampons and over 200 hygiene packs to 40 schools and 29 organizations serving girls and their families.   This morning I recorded a segment on KQV about On the Spot and heard first hand from Sue Steele about the response to your generosity.

During the interview, Sue mentioned that some of the students are staying with various relatives and are in fact transient.  Transient.  Children.  My heart aches at that thought.  There are children living in our region who don’t have homes. Who don’t know where they are staying from week to week, night to night. School is often the one consistent place in their life. These are some of the kids that are benefiting from On the Spot. And the need is great. Within weeks of distributing boxes of supplies to schools OTS postcards requesting resupply started coming back.   There are a few assembled boxes left, but the supplies are dwindling and the need continues.

Most of these boxes are empty, waiting for fresh supplies.

That is why we need you to come to Hough’s on May 24th.  It isn’t about the beer (though their selection is spectacular). It isn’t about the cookies (COOKIES!). It isn’t about the great stuff you can win.

It’s about kids struggling with problems way to big for their age and how you can make a difference in their life.

Get Ready for Round 3

Looking to gorge yourself on cookies and other baked treats while donating menstrual supplies to girls in need around the Pittsburgh region? You’re in luck, On the Spot will be hosting another party to gather donations to supply girls with the menstrual supplies they need.

When: Tuesday May 24th, 6pm – 9pm

Where: Hough’s in Greenfield (563 Greenfield Avenue)

Costs: $10 or $5 and a package of pads or tampons (pads preferred)

All the stuff you love will be back: raffle prizes, a 50/50, a DJ, and of course: multiple cookie tables!

New York Times Article Focuses on Tween Pads

The New York times had a piece last week about Kotex’s efforts to make a new line of pads more tween-friendly. Girls have started menstruating earlier and earlier in their life, and it’s great that products are being created to make the products they need tailored to them. The body of a 9-year-old is quite different than the body of a 30-year-old! The packaging of the products is bright and friendly and reminds me of one of my favorite Trapper Keepers from middle school.

Check out the article here.

Don’t forget you can buy some of these products and drop them off at one of our donation drop-off spots.